21st Century Longhunter The Oil Cloth Watch Coat

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http://tentsmiths.com/tent-camp-accessories/watchcoats.html http://www.thepathfinderschoolllc.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Pathfinder-School-LLC/167…

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David Canterbury says:


glockfan112 says:

Who makes that coat you were wearing under the watch coat

laptopBLUES says:

good video dave i dont know if youve already done this but can you do a video on your hat or hats like it?

David Canterbury says:

I have seen there stuff alot of guys from the Long riders guild by from there.

hunt458 says:

Thanks bother. Other item on the tentsmith webite are equally fascinating.

HDoctane says:

Dave check out kakadu traders Australia they make some super nice oil cloth gear

Maqsimous says:

Beard’s lookin’ good, bro!

Jeremy Gedeon says:

My favorite series is back. Love the series Dave, as well as all your videos.

YaddaYaddaWarden says:

How is the oil cloth coat for passing sweat? When I worked in the woods in Southeast Alaska I liked wearing the oil finish Filson Double Tin Pants because they were both waterproof and thorn proof (they kept out the devils club thorns). It didn’t seem like they got wet on the inside from sweat, which is why I sometimes preferred wearing them to regular rain pants. This looks like a great coat! In Southeast Alaska you have the choice of being warm and wet from sweat, or cold and wet from rain.

neonightkiller says:

Great stuff, luv the rifle sleeve.

sargefaria says:

Very cool bro

Simplemansnature says:

That looks like a great product. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks.

David Canterbury says:

This is it, it would be perfect over the Lester River Boreal Shirt

David Canterbury says:

Have you priced oil cloth by the yard?

kcolmore1 says:

Wow, they’re higher than a Georgia Pine with their prices.

MidasMind says:

Nothing like timeless technology.

goriverman says:

That looks like it would really work out good in April. I’m sure you going to get a chance to check it out. Sometime the old stuff is the best stuff. Thanks for the info Dave

Craig Freeman says:

Who knew! Dave is a Jedi!

CopingWithTheTimes says:

Very cool. Would you say that a Large would be a better fit for you or do you think the xl is just right? Thanks

bc46488 says:


imbadwrench says:

Ive been looking at their Bakers tents for some time, now I have to save up more.

TurnipRaider says:

whats that cord you use? power cord? paracord?

Frank Ruzicka says:

Looks perfect for high country hunting here in Arizona, thanks for the vid/link!

David Canterbury says:

Working on that now brother

gcsd721 says:

Great video. Oil cloth is tough stuff, light weight and easy to maintain. I think the simple design is the way to go.

bulldog62js says:

Another great vid Dave. The watch coat is definitely a great piece of gear to have in the woods for core temp control and a mobile micro climate for sure, but I’m kinda diggin’ that shotgun sleeve! I think i’m gonna have to check one of those out! LOL

Keep up the great work brother!

Jeffrey Smith says:

you almost look like a monk :)

flamedrag18 says:

what would be the thickness on the material used for this coat? would you say it would be a viable option for making tough, compact tarps? it looks really thin, especially since you can see through it.

Nathan Suvivor says:

you could also stuff it in the bottom part of the alice pack frame

Accuracy Marked says:

…whoaaa, you might be taken for a bear with that big oil coat….if someone can’t see well with their glasses fogged. I like the coat…cool.

logan hughes says:

you almost look like a prisnor in the wild west with the rope and coat on!!

jnsnj1 says:

Obi Wan Canterbury

westvirginiasurvival says:

Good piece of gear. Thanks Dave.

commandorando123 says:

I like it. thanks Dave

Ty E says:

Dave, you have some of the most awesome videos and gear. If you ever have your “own” show on a network you’d have no problems getting viewers. I enjoy all your reviews, I’ve learned so much in life and my career.

SuperBones78 says:

Great vid

matthew burt says:

what is your favorite black powder weapon ?

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