Great Northern Camp Stove Review

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A review of a low cost wood buring option for survival and prepping for about $80. Will work in larger tents and camp sites as well as in the home (with some…

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I have this same stove in my gear and love it. Great little stove to have on hand for emergencies, cooking, camping, prepping, etc. Fire bricks in the bottom would help make this last longer and not burn out. The factory paint burns off so plan on buying some paint. Rubber or plastic sip on feet like goes on the bottom of a cane on the legs help keep mud and dirt out.

Nice review!!

ChickenLordCL says:

Would this heat a Truck Camper? Assuming you provided the correct modifications to filter out the hazardous particles and what not.

dewy danton says:

the pipes with the hooks lock on the sides of the stove , if anybody wants to save money just buy this unit off ebay i got mine for $50 thats with shipping ,

MDPrepper says:

Nice to know!

ratled1 says:

One nice trick for these is to store it with one of those metal oil drip pans for the garage that go under the car. Makes a nice little catch for embers

MDPrepper says:

I actually own two of these stoves. This is my “backup” in case the first one fails. One is none and two is one: Basic Prepping Philosophy. It wouldn’t have been very smart to drag the soot filled one inside my house for a gear review, now would it?

r kelley says:

first thing, thats nevr been used, the paint changes coler when used, secondly those tubes with the hooks go on the sides of the stove under the cooking racks to give more cooking surface area and keep gloves socks watever from burning while they dry…. they are not stove pipes, as u have prob already found out they dont fit for a reason …..sheesh, try reading the 6 sentance instuction page, or the box shows a picture………cant fool me….FAIL!, altho…. i luv mine heats !

MDPrepper says:

Did they actually stop making them?? I wasn’t aware of that. That’s bad, very bad. These are a great little stove.  You should search around on Ebay etc and you might find one. I love mine

helpwith420 says:

Why the fuck did they stop making them, thats a great product. I want one

MDPrepper says:

Well I wouldn’t leave any fire burning for long unattended (in the tent or not) I’d stay within visual range at all times. . .but I’m paranoid like that

MDPrepper says:

It works great with branches and twigs


Could it work with branches, and twigs?


I’m a city slicker. What’s the longest this thing might heat the interior of a tent without being attended to? Thanks.


Great review.

MDPrepper says:

This one is a decent product but I picked up a military m-1950 Yukon stove that is greatly superior (but a lot larger and not exactly “backable”) The Yukon stove is much more versatile in fuel types and larger so it can heat a greater area. For general camping I’d say the Great Northern Stove is fine. . .for STHF work then the Yukon (about $150 if you can still find them)

MrDownrange says:

I have been looking for a small wood stove like this for a while… has it been doing well for you, or have a found a newer product since this review that you like better. Or do know of a different model that you would buy if you could? My budget is about $160… thanks

digifuncify says:

For anyone that is looking for a grate: Brinkmann 8 in. Adjustable Cooking Grate

Fits like a glove! Found it at Home Depot

MDPrepper says:

Think I bought mine from Sportsmansguide. Not sure they still have them

john clement says:

where can i find 1 of these stoves??

MDPrepper says:

Agreed I think it would burn better with the adjustment (I have another stove that’s my primary however so I haven’t gotten around to modding this one)

gmanw3 says:

I just bought one and did my first test run…it works pretty good. it needs a piece of expanded metal as a fire grate inside to lift the fire up off the bottom of the stove

sugerbear520 says:

yep very nice

MDPrepper says:

Nice little Southern town. I liked it as soon as I saw it!!

sugerbear520 says:

AH cool I form TR LOL

MDPrepper says:

I’m in Northern Greenville County at present (TR/Furman area) but I was born/raised in Woodruff

sugerbear520 says:

cool what part of SC u from I form Greenville

MDPrepper says:

Thanks!! It’s a nice little stove but my Yukon stove has it beat (I’ll do a vid of it soon)

sugerbear520 says:


MDPrepper says:

Very handy little stove for the price.

MDPrepper says:

Cool I’ll have to check that out.  Thanks!!

tblbaby says:

cool little portable stove, even in a house it would be enough to keep you warm right next to it or if you set up a small warm room tent & vented out a window

MDPrepper says:

The Great Northern Stove is a great addition but I’ve got an even better stove review coming up soon. I’ll likely post it tomorrow if time allows (I’m on call at the hospital this week so time is at a premium and kinda hard to find) I’ll post it when I find the time. Thanks!!

savage1r says:

Great! Something to go with the paper bricks! I got the kit that turns oil drums into a furnace. No place to keep it but the garage for now :p.

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