How to Make Char Cloth in an Altoids Tin

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Logan show the process of making Char Cloth by camp fire, using an Altoids tin. This method here is very inexpensive and can be made with minimal supplies.

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fordtuff1965 says:

That’s awesome. Thank u for such an informative video. Never heard of char cloth before.

BigFootWalker777 says:

The Altoid’s tin is not air tight, so you don’t have to punch holes in the lid to make char cloth.

Theo M. says:

Awesome! thanks for the help and info! :)

lrfromme says:

no there is really no size limit, I know dad’s made a batch before with a gallon coffee can (metal) and filled it darn near all the way up. with the air space I’ve found that it really doesn’t matter. I think its because of the vent hole once something starts air heating up it pushes itself out the hole (its science). but I do more often then not fill the container up just to maximize my char cloth to my efforts.

George Wells says:

Yep, you can- works well too- a magnifying glass of 5x power or bigger works best tho.

6thStreetKidz says:

Nice video

cotton mattre says:

Would it be possible to use a magnifying glass to light it?

1renotssince13 says:

Cool video! I guess you can just store it in an air-tight container? Gonna try it this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Iain Thornton says:

Oh this is great my survival tin is an altoids can and I could use a sock if I have 1 one me thanks a ton Logan u are a great person

justrelaxbro11 says:

another excellent video…thanks Logan!

jonny rotten says:

s.e.r.e school flashbacks!

Theo M. says:

I’ve got a 4″x7″x2″ tin that used to hold a bunch of Dominoes…its not quite as tight around the lid as altoids are…but its close. I was just thinkin I might be able to make a bigger batch all at once with a bigger tin. Are there limits to the size of the batch you can make? Or is it basically just about makin sure there’s no air space in the container before you set in on the fire? Thanks in advance :)

missmamtube says:

Thank you so much for sharing and teaching us how to use these great tools.
Blessings to you and your family !

Ionic009 says:

Excellent video!

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