How to prepare Yucca leaves for cordage and basket weaving

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Max Havok says:

the main reason for drying first is to allow it to shrink..if you make a good tight string and it dries after is going to choke down on itself and become stiff and likely break strands within the string making it weaker…if you let it dry first then redampen it just a bit it wont shrink so much when its finished and will last alot longer

4PPLife says:

im using a greek yucca tree to harvest its leaves and while i peel it off, 1/10 of its fibres break :S

Cirtemeca says:

great question. The best method is to collect the leaves and strip them of their fibers when fresh and wet still. If you are trying to make a short term rope, line, string, traps, survival scenario basket or other, it is fine to use the wet fresh fibers. However if you allow them to dry in the shade a day or two, they will store dry just fine., Soak them in water for rehydration and begin using. This is the main method for longterm basketry etc. Keep out of the sun & wont become brittle.

georgeman21222 says:

question? do you let the fibers dry first or can you work with them wet/fresh? does it work better if its dry and if you use it wet and when it does dry will it become brittle ?

Cirtemeca says:

thanks for enjoying.

kitsurubami says:

thank you for the video.

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