Natural Cordage Using Sabal Palm Fronds

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This is one way I make natural cordage using Sabal Palm fronds. I recorded this video in the Florida Everglades while waiting for students to arrive for a Pa…

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SafariOutfitter says:

Yes it can.

TheTripfantastic says:

can use cordage be used to make a fire bow and drill?

AL777ORLANDOalcatraz says:

By the way it’s pompous not pompus

SafariOutfitter says:

I didn’t really expect anyone to pick up this skill from my video. Many students have enough trouble learning it with me sitting in front of them going step by step. My hope was that the video would show a skill that can be learned that most folks don’t expect is taught in a wilderness class.

SafariOutfitter says:

I normally only have my Canon G-12 camera with me when I head out on trips like this one.

john randall says:

i didn’t mean to sound so pompus about the HD, but like i said, higher quality video is needed when showing a skill as fine as cordage making.

john randall says:

good skill, but shitty video. in this day and age we have very decent and cheap HD camcorders available, and seeing how this video is very new, i’d say that you don’t have one, or maybe you don’t care about the quality of your videos. i’m sorry if this is offensive to you, but your video was hard to watch. teaching skills like cordage making in the wild is better shown on HD footage, where details are more pronounced. again, great skill, but poor presentation.

chicksotight says:

This is cool, thanks for showing us the video!

SafariOutfitter says:

I’m glad. I’m glad you learned some things from us. Scott called me today trying to set up more classes. He’s moving forward with creting a full-time school here in Florida.

shaunsxe says:

Will, I really appreciated all of the work you and the rest of the guys put into the class last weekend. I feel like I learned a lot about myself as well as bushcraft.

SafariOutfitter says:

Yes, Scott was hacking away at something and then decided to sharpen the blade while I was recording.

SafariOutfitter says:

Hopefully we’ll cross paths again.

SafariOutfitter says:

Several factors affect the strength of cordage (no matter how it is made). The material, number of strands, thickness of the material used, and how extensions are added to the line.

cooperbayknives says:

Great vid! I really enjoyed meeting you and attending the class, had a really cool time and plan on attending more. take care. Ben

iam4god2day says:

Is braiding strong or as good??

FixedByDoc says:

good stufff…

UrbanSurvivalcraft says:

very cool. The 2 strand twist method works very well with the “fur” found between the palm leaves also. It also make possibly the best tinder I’ve found.

Jonathan Eldridge says:

Nice. Is that some machete work in the back ground ?

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