Survival gear review: The Solo Stove Titan biomass stove

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SurvivalCommonSense says:

The Titan has real potential!

therealchickentender says:

Weighs barely over a pound, much less than double the weight of the original, but my boil times are better than half. Even despite the added size/weight its going to be in my pack even when I’m solo. I much prefer the stronger fire and the ability to feed considerably larger pieces of fuel and much less often than it’s little brother. Two thumbs up!

Jim Killian says:

I like my Original Solo Stove and Titan as well. I suggest filling the stove with the fuel first them put the fire starter on top with just a few sticks above. The stove will burn more effeciently and cleaner. When butning a peak efficiency the flames will be coming out the upper holes inside the stove.

4438401 says:

Plus a handle on the outside for ease in bugout situations

James White says:

Great Review! Thanks Much! :-)

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