Tarp Tent Pathfinder Scout Final

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wildernessoutfitters says:

http://www.tentsmiths.com This item is NOT available yet, as I stated in the
Video Peter is waiting on my Go ahead, have sent him feedback will be
available very soon-

Vincent Nobel says:

This looks like a great tent Dave! Maybe two size offerings 5×7 and 6×8?
400 USD for a lifetime purchase is a good VALUE! Rather spend $400 once
instead of $100~ 5-10 times. This is Common man! Thanks

primalarcher says:

No doubt this is quality tarp but it just too heavy, to bulky and to costly
for me to consider carrying it into the western back country, unless I was
using horses, but I am not.

Simplemansnature says:

BTW, that great theme song is back! ;-)

Rob davis says:

Dave is off the juice. Glad to see that

jason gibbs says:

I like Dave sign me up !!!!!

Nick Foot says:

Really rate Dave Canterbury

AntwonDaBusiness says:

wow 300-400 is pretty steep. 

tj m says:

look great but I could never justify the price point 

Trailtraveller says:

Common man or not..400 USD is way out of my budget for a tarp+. Worth the
money ? Perhaps…

Marc Jacobi says:

I would love to see this setup as a tarp. Do you have a video about that?

TheIronDie says:

Grats on the new show Dave, can’t wait to watch it.

Nezumi says:

Looks heavy-duty stuff – I really like it. I also love how you are looking
into all aditional use of things like with that tent bag – very smart
brother! Greetings from Mexico.

shadowcastre says:

Common sense seems to be lacking in so many these days.. common man
mentality, just naturally goes hand in hand with common sense! Congrats on
the upcoming TV show and book. Shad

shadowcastre says:

Dave.. I’m impressed! I really like the fact that the size has been
enlarged. The extra space can make all the difference between being cramped
and comfortable. Having a fire out front would be awesome not just for heat
in the tent , but to have a place to sit out of the weather to do camp
chores (running ball, making repairs, etc..). It would also be easy to
adapt it into a super shelter. Shad

TheGrizzlyHillbilly says:

Dave did you chop your barrel on your single 12? What’s the length on your

72darkf says:

too big and sure too heavy for me. I´m better off with a tarp. I´m sure
it´s a quality piece of gear though.
sounds like good news for you.

martini carbine says:

looks quality Dave…..there’s an old saying > you can spend a little to
much on quality .. but if you spend your money on junk , you lose all your
investment. .. and when it comes to shelter in a harsh wilderness, you can
also lose a lot more than $. 

Far East Survival says:

Thumbs up on the tarp tent concept. It seems a great idea for cold weather
environments but not necessarily for spring/summer/autumn where you may
only need a rain & wind cover. Could you possibly get someone else to make
it out of silnylon? I’m sure the weight would get down to 3lbs and possibly
below $200. Good news on the TV show. I look forward to watching it.


the tv things sounds good but i hope u dont stop the YT thingy…plz don´t

Austin Turner says:

The tarp/tent is an incredible multi-purpose piece of material to have. If
tentsmith designed a camo duty one it would be even better to use as a
hunting shelter. 

Doug Allen says:

Now you’re cooking with gas!!! Perfect.
Would be great in winter, won’t give up on my 9×9 oilskin.

Redshift313 says:

Congrates… on your new Broadcast Project… I think… I just hope it
won’t cut down on your YouTube posts…
Good luck brother…

Freth Kindheart says:

Absolutely the best made tarp tent vs lightweight vs weatherproof I’ve ever
seen. The quality of the workmanship (as seen in the video), the
features… no other tent of this type comes close. This is the kind of
tarp tent I’ve been waiting for someone to make. Price range is spot on
for the quality and size. If you spent the same thing on a mass-produced
tent, you’d not have near the features or the durability. Thanks for
making this happen Dave.

Jason Wolfe says:

Dave, what happened to the light-weight oil cloth material that the
prototype was made out of? That setup was only 2.5 lbs and compacted down
way more than the 5-6 lb heavier version thats only 1×1 bigger? Plus the
lighter weight material was going to cut the cost in half? Just curious,
the lighter weight oilcloth was the main selling point for most of us i
think based on your original prototype vid. Thanks for all you do.

David Davidson says:

support american made products, they are by far the best around the world

john frangi says:

Back on TV !! Hell Yeah !

krb762 says:

Hey – Bad Horse is back !!

Ustadh Jee says:

Dave, we’ve this sent up as a tent, can you do video showing us how it
would look set up as a tarp, I’m a bit concerned that the toggles might get
snagged when set it as a tarp, as they’s be dangling from the tarp. 

Mitchell Ashley Shae Jr Foskey says:

Dave I like the set-up . Glad to hear u coming back on AIR. I know it will
be awesome. My family loves tv so will be looking forward for a bombshell

lesrap says:

any plans for a video game?

RDM1978 says:

Love the tent/tarp. Cant wait for your new show. Why did you cut your 12
gauge down? 

Douglas McIntyre says:

Upon further reflection, I worry about the flammability of oil cloth, so
close to a long fire. If the wind switches directions or gusts, your oil
skin could start burning while you sleep. JMHO

jerksauce81 says:

i can do the same thing with a $10 tarp from kmart

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