Wilderness Survival – Edible Plants & Edibility Test

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Fuzzyhead172 says:

How about standed on an Island for 2 months.

Mr4inchSlanger says:

Too long i will just find a McDonald’s somewhere

heyturjs says:

milkweed has a white milky sap and not only are they perfectly edible they are also one of the most common, easily idenifiable and tasty wild plants. thorns and hairs? many edible plants have them.

Superdan187211 says:

this guy is wrong often

Carter Mozey says:

Oooor you could spend the same amount of time looking for plants that you know are edible like wild rasberrrys or wild strawberrys. Just sayin you could probobly find them esier

SuperSesameseeds says:

e/ wrong video

SuperSesameseeds says:

this dude is drunk lmao…

Max Havok says:

thought you had to rubb it on ur lip then lick a bit of the liquid b4 putting it in ur mouth

misterb1972 says:

yeah but the time is coming where we will be forced to seek out edible plants, so staying away from then altogether will NOT be an option. good tips on determining whether the plant is edible or not but the last part isn’t realistic at all.

Alex Jones says:

I just got an epiphany at 0:14 ….. get this…. a wild edible food fat camp. huh! Let them eat all the wild edible food they can find, they exercise, AND they loose the weight.

dylan flores says:

jeez that guy whistles every time he breathes through his nose…. its sooooo annoyiung, kinda ruiend the vid for me.

bannerpaul53 says:

The sound sucks

LinfaeGirdanzo says:

I don’t think Hemlock smells like a carrot… Perhaps he’s confusing it with Wild Carrot? The two look VERY similar.

TheBo0mer says:

That sounds a lot like the mushroom edibility test, too. Thanks for the info!

BobbySoFamous says:

thanks. after almost 3 years no one ever pointed that out. changing it now!

rogue gtp says:

dont u try a 1/4 a cup, not a whole cup?

Beachcrib says:

Learn edible plants .. What and why they are .. Many plants are pumped full of nutrients for the human body . This guy is a great teacher for a person with no desire to learn . Kudos

456subway says:

Sorry, but I don’t think this is the way to learn edible plants, by somehow determining what the plant is NOT. The way to learn about edible plants and especially mushrooms, is to get to know the characteristics of individual species. There are no general telltale poisonous characteristics to look for (for instance, there are certainly edibles that DO have a milky sap, such as wild lettuces).

cowlightning says:

if i was in the wild and i could pick one person to come along it would be bear gryles or chuck norris

InstantAttraction1 says:

Great video- thanks for the upload. Too bad you couldn’t fine a camera man whose nose doesn’t whistle while he breathes lol. 

malslimbo says:

If I’m too unsure I’ll just stuff on dirt.

mryellow123 says:

Socrates didn’t so much as kill himself as was sentenced to death and executed by poison. Couple years later when everything he wanted to avoid had happened, they realised he wasn’t so bad afterall.

velveteyes79 says:

send me some links please!

Rob Mitchell says:

sure but there are a crazy amount of different plants in the world and it would be hard to learn them all. now, i know a good amount in my area of pennsylvania, but what if i get lost in say, utah. what can i do to help. thats where these tests come in handy.


This “is” educational, but better spend your time learning what plants “are” edible to begin with, then eat them on a regular basis.
I now eat dandelions, purslane, lambsquarter, wild rose hips and am learning where there are good sources of these and other wild edible near where I live.

sanctusen666 says:


fuck blabla

mydoggyiscool says:

after you watched the video press that little CC button at the bottom and start transcribe auto. then watch the video and read the subtitles. AHAHHA

samee71survival says:

Water hemlock= 1 mouthful can kill.

darien1 says:

???? NOT HeLPFUL! Confusing

miguel sosa says:

so basically the test is taste it and see if you die or not? yeah not really helpful.

CitizenKane380 says:

Wouldn’t it be easier just to learn what you can eat and avoid that which you don’t know about.

Mark Wildfood says:

This is dodgy advice. Generalised “rules of thumb” like “avoid white umbeliferous flowers” is lazy and potentially dangerous. If he wants to ignore cow parsley, ground elder, pig nuts, sweet ciceley and the rest (where do you stop with this rule? Ramsons? Elderflowers??) thats up to him. But it also leads to glib (mis)identifications. The only way to learn and be safe is to work at recognising individual species. Its much more satisfying too.

rsbott3rs says:

nice video

AbattoirDream says:

i swear the camera man has a whistly nose.. its killin me.

RememberThe1776 says:

big mistake 2:55 lol

Paul Powers says:

Hmmm, he’s saying that if it has a white milky sap substance dont eat it. Dandelions and milkweed are highly nutritious and beneficial, and they both have a milky sap, its all in the preparation of the plant. And to say wild plants have no nutritional value is just wrong too.

ManTheBush says:

hemlock smells nothing like carrots I think this guy dosnt know the diffrence between a Queen Anns Lace (Wild Carrot) and Hemlock but they have similar flowers but one main aspect of ID’ing A wild carrot is that it smells like a strong smelling carrot, going woody in the centere as it get older.

CourtsideBanter says:


Edzherenow99 says:

so hemlock smells nothing at all like a carrot!!

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